Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Killing Joke- In Excelsis EP

I must admit that I've never really listened to the band Killing Joke before. Sure I've heard of them and I believe I had a roommate (while in the Army and stationed in Washington, DC) that liked them a lot but for some reason they never really clicked with me. Last night I happened to be listening to the latest Paranoid Squirrel podcast and Armitage played the title cut from their EP that was released this month and for some reason now that song clicked with me. Really that's the best way to find something that connects with you. You hear it by chance and it draws you in and before you know it you've just listened to it half a dozen times in a row. My internal debate now is if I should go back and listen to their older music or just wait to hear their full length cd that is due later in the year? I think I'll make my mind up after listening to the entire EP. Seems only fair.

So what better way to show the love than to post a video right? Now, this isn't a video of the band playing this song but the person who made it did a pretty good job of it and I thought why not use it? It works well in my opinion.

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