Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Members - Sounds of the Suburbs

I heard this song during the last week when it was played on the The Paranoid Squirrel podcast and normally I whenever I hear an older song that I never did hear back in the day and I have a really hard time getting into it but I must say that this was not the case this time around. The song got to me quickly and I've been making it a point to listen to it every day. The Members are from England and play punk with some reggae thrown in and I did say play. They have a lineup currently playing gigs but alas I fear they will never come close to Tulsa so I'll just have to be content listening to them. That's my lot in life, destined never to see so many good bands from back in the day simply because they exist across the pond and it's financially impossible for them to come over and tour. What's a lad to do?

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