Thursday, May 7, 2009

Music happenings in Tulsa

Wow, I can't believe how much time has passed since I last posted. I've started several stories but just haven't felt satisfied with them and I need to go back and re-do them. The problem is finding the time to do so. Since I have a few minutes I thought I'd post a few musical happenings.

First up is my friends band Rant. They are playing their 3rd show this Saturday at the Dragons Lair which is on 11th street between Sheridan and Harvard. You might say they are in their musical residency there. Once they've done a few more shows (and recorded a demo) perhaps they can start getting a few more gigs in other clubs. If you're in the area you should check them out. They flat out rock and there isn't any other band around that I know of that sounds like them. That's a good thing.

In March I had posted about a street punk band called Street Dogs whom I like very much that were going to be playing in Oklahoma City. Well the day before the show I got a speeding ticket and the day of I felt like crap and ended up not making the drive. I felt pretty crummy about missing the chance to see them and The Righs who were opening up but such goes life. Well now I've been given a reprieve. Street Dogs are playing at The Marquee in Tulsa on Thursday May 21st and I will be at this show. Expect some good old street punk music with a Celtic angle and expect to have a good time. I know I will.

July brings us Dfest (diversity) and they've got some great bands lined up. It's held July 24th-25th and this year the headliner will be The Black Crows. Some of the other groups playing will we Ozomatli, Gogel Bordello, Dub Trio, Citizen Cope, Blue October and a ton more. Go to for more info. There'll be a lot of local bands there and I'm thinking ahead to next year to see if Rant can get on the bill. The group I most want to see and never thought would come to Tulsa is Ozomatli. In their own words their music is "a notorious urban-Latino-and-beyond collision of hip hop and salsa, dancehall and cumbia, samba and funk, merengue and comparsa, East LA R&B and New Orleans second line, Jamaican ragga and Indian raga-- has long followed a key mantra: it will take you around the world by taking you around L.A." All I know is I like them a lot and will be there and so should you.

Aerosmith and ZZ Top will be at the BOK in July as well but I've seen both of them in their prime so I won't be going to this one.

In August it seems like it's the busy month to be especially if you like 80s music. I'm hearing that on August 5th Journey will be playing at the BOK. No word on an opening act but really, does it matter? I've seen them with Steve Perry and Steve Augieri singing and now I get to hear them with Arnel Pineda. The very next day Billy Squier will be at the River Spirit casino and I have to find a way to see both of these shows. It must happen. Rod Stewart is playing at the BOK, The Steve Miller band will be at the The SpiritBank Event Center just south of Tulsa in the suburb of Bixby. Def Leppard, Poison and Cheap Trick will be at the BOK closer to the end of the month.

I'm sure there will be more good music coming our way, I've heard that Slaid Cleaves is coming in December and that Blue Oyster Cult will be at the Tulsa State Fair so I've got that to look forward to. Don't know anything about any of the bands I've mentioned? Just leave a comment or look them up on the web. Maybe we'll see each other at some of these shows. Now if only the Judas Priest/Whitesnake and the Blondie/Pat Benatar tours would stop in town as well. Then there's always Devo and.......I could keep going on for hours about this but since i have to get up tomorrow and cut the grass I guess I'll just go to bed.