Monday, December 31, 2012

notmovingpictures Episode 14: End Of The Year But Not The End Of Time

I had time to sneak in one more episode of notmovingpictures so get your podcast listening ears on and give it a whirl! Don and Tommy talk about the status of Tommy's band Alloy, the so called Mayan Prophecy that really wasn't a Mayan Prophecy at all, where we'd like to see Rush play in 2013, Don listening to Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier giving props to Rush on SModcast, The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame and Chris' (Tommy's son) band Flotag. I'm assuming I've spelled that right. Take it easy until next year.

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

notmovingpictures podcast Episode 13:The Road To Rush part 2

Part 2 picks up as Don, Tommy and Chris make their way back to Tulsa from San Antonio and discuss the Rush concert.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Podcast - notmovingpictures Episode 12: The Road To Rush part 1

On November 12th Tommy and I (and his son Chris) took a road trip to San Antonio, Tx to see Rush in Concert. Our goal as we get older is to see them play someplace we've never been before, not only do we get to see a great concert but we also get to explore  a new city. San Antonio was great. One of our rules is that we don't eat anyplace that exists back home, local or regional joints only. To that end the Enchilada's Campesino at Fogotas and the Bison Burger at The Cove stand out for me. Claudia (our waitress at Fogotas) was very helpful and Jessica (a customer) was so nice and helpful we elected her as the Mayor of San Antonio.

We were able to see the Riverwalk, The Alamo and a few other things and honestly another day probably would have been beneficial. One interesting thing that we saw as we were driving was about 40 mariachis practicing in a courtyard for a hotel. Before we could get a picture the light turned green and the opportunity was missed. Okay, also because my camera was put away and Tommy somehow is unable to work his in a timely manner. The concert itself was amazing of course. Rush put on a great show, focusing on music from their latest album Clockwork Angels and a few albums after Grace Under Pressure. They also had a string section play for half of the show and we heard not one, not two but two and a half drum solos from Mr Neil Peart.

On the way back we stopped in Austin for lunch and saw an unusual sight. Apparently the white version of Blade lives there. A guy with a long black overcoat and shades was walking down the street with a katana strapped to his back. I have heard that Austin attracts a lot of unusual people. Anyway, after a long drive of about nine hours we made it back home safe and sound but very tired. Hopefully next week I'll be able to get part 2 of the podcast out. Until then.......... 

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ten For Tuesday Episode 020: The One After The Road Trip

Episode 20 arrives after the road trip to San Antonio and features music from the 80s, 90s and even some from very recently. No matter what the decade is, no matter what the genre is, if the music is good I'll play it. I've only seen two of these artists live but to find out which ones you'll have to listen to the podcast.

X - The Have Nots
Del Amitri - Always The Last To Know
Rosie Flores - Push Right Over
Velocity Girl - Crazy Town
Wire Train - Last Perfect Thing
PiL - One Drop
Tim Armstrong - Into Action
Gang Of Four - Never Pay For The Farm
Belfegore - All That I Wanted
PJ Harvey - Sheila Na-Gig

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Another Reason The NFL Sucks

Today I had to stay home from church so that someone could come and fix a problem with my kitchen sink. My consolation was that the Cleveland Browns, the only NFL team that I ever cared about since grade school, are playing the Kansas City Chiefs. In Tulsa the Chiefs are the AFC team that is ALWAYS shown on the local affiliate no matter how bad they or their opponent is. Until this week that is. Instead a game with playoff implications featuring two teams from the East Coast is being shown. This is typical of how the NFL operates. The Browns are given zero respect in the league and in the media.

Don't get started with all of the garbage about how it's up to the local affiliates as to which games gets chosen because that argument is utter hogwash. The NFL doesn't want die hard fans of individual teams anymore, instead they want fans of the league. They want fans who have several favorite teams, fans who will accept whatever is given to them. Do you really think the NFL wouldn't exert any type of influence over the choice of games that are shown on TV? Please. Besides, the Browns vs Chiefs offers a back story of several former Browns players and coaches who ended up with the Chiefs and they likely want to exact some sort of revenge on the team that gave up on them and cut them loose. That makes for good drama.

So instead I'm given a game featuring the Ravens vs Washington, a game by the way that I refuse to watch. I''ll watch nothing instead.  It may actually all be for the best. It seems that as I write this and follow the game on the Internet Cleveland has given up a big play, an 80 yard touchdown run on the very first play of the game. Also it seems that Brady Quinn, the quarterback cast off from Cleveland, has also completed a pass for over 45 yards. He's on his third team after being unable to win the starting job for the Browns. If I were watching the game I'd probably be yelling curses at the screen as I pulled out what little hair I have left on my head.

It's not easy being a Browns fan. I've suffered through countless regime shifts. Often head coaches and general managers are gone after only two years and many of them never have been the right choice in the first place. It seems like every few years they start over, installing a new philosophy and having to change most of the players so that they fit the new system. Hardly a blueprint for success or longevity. I've said for years that they need to get personnel in who have done the job and been successful before instead of hiring those that never held that position. But what do I know, I'm only a fan.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Idiots Speaking Out Loud Incur My Wrath

As I drove into the parking garage at work yesterday I already knew that I was going to be late. Well, let’s back up for a minute. I was trying to get to work an hour early for a meeting and I knew that I was going to be late for that. Little did I know exactly how late I would be. After my first turn in the garage I proceeded up the ramp where I promptly had to stop behind another car that was waiting for the car in front of it to do something. That car had it right turn signal on and was just sitting in the lane. On my left hand side was a parked car wanting to back out but it could not because of all of the cars blocking the lane. Impatient as I was (it’s a shortcoming of mine) I honked my horn and then sat as nothing happened in front of me.

In situations like these I tend to act quickly rather than to waste more time than I already had so after determining that there was no oncoming traffic I pulled out to my left in an effort to go around the problem. As I pulled abreast of the lead stationary car another car appeared from the far right wanting to turn into my path but I was not to be deterred. My windows were down and I said something like “Idiots!” as I made my way around them and into my left hand turn to go up the next ramp. As I did so a woman walking down the ramp looked at me and said very loudly “Really?” to which I responded even more loudly “Really shut up!”

Now I know I was wrong to yell out as I did and that nobody in front of me was doing anything with malicious intent towards me (other than the idiot lady walking) however I have to say, it felt really good when I said it. Call me what you will but I gained a small bit of pleasure responding to her even while knowing that nothing I said either way would make her think twice about vocalizing her thoughts in the future to random strangers. Society is at a point right now where too many people think that just because they have a thought they need to share it with anyone around them as if their opinion matters to the public at large. They are wrong, very wrong.

For far too long these people have gotten away with voicing their opinions about every little mundane thing in the world whether it is vocalized or typed onto a message board or as a comment on a blog/story with no thought whatsoever as to what repercussions may come from their actions. These people will cut you off in traffic and then have the audacity to flip you off if you react in any way. Basically put they are getting away with rude, childish behavior that they would never attempt face to face with a living, breathing person who they thought even for an instant might give them a smack in the face for being so impudent. They belong to the faction of cowards who hide behind their anonymity.

The only solution is to call them on their actions whenever they see fit to burst out in their stupidity. Of course if you do so online then you run the risk of feeding the trolls who want nothing more than somebody to reply to them. That way they can continue their nonsensical attacks. That way in their minds they seem to matter and have a purpose in life. Perhaps as you read this you may make the mistake of thinking that I am doing exactly what I am complaining about. I would caution you however that I see it as making them accountable for their actions and that it is necessary to turn this world of cry-baby douchebags into a better place. One where you know that there will be consequences when you decide to act out and thereby expose your rudeness for all to see and hear.

Call me what you will, I’ve probably been called worse and at some point in my life will probably be called even worse. I don’t really care. After all, this is the place I go to spew forth my opinions and you don’t really have to read it (although I thank you if you do) because ultimately none of us are perfect least of all me. The thing is, I don’t claim to be in the first place nor do I believe that my opinion is any more important than anybody else’s. Well, except for that stupid lady that was walking down the ramp that is. Clearly I’m much smarter than she is. At least I’m aware of my shortcomings and try to fix them, this situation notwithstanding.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012


Don’t speak
Don’t talk
No questions allowed
Keep your head down
Concentrate on the task
Stay the course
Not supposed to
Not allowed to
Stay at arms length
All will be well
Blind loyalty demanded
Nothing given in return
I can be friendly
Just not your friend
They told me so

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