Friday, December 7, 2012

Idiots Speaking Out Loud Incur My Wrath

As I drove into the parking garage at work yesterday I already knew that I was going to be late. Well, let’s back up for a minute. I was trying to get to work an hour early for a meeting and I knew that I was going to be late for that. Little did I know exactly how late I would be. After my first turn in the garage I proceeded up the ramp where I promptly had to stop behind another car that was waiting for the car in front of it to do something. That car had it right turn signal on and was just sitting in the lane. On my left hand side was a parked car wanting to back out but it could not because of all of the cars blocking the lane. Impatient as I was (it’s a shortcoming of mine) I honked my horn and then sat as nothing happened in front of me.

In situations like these I tend to act quickly rather than to waste more time than I already had so after determining that there was no oncoming traffic I pulled out to my left in an effort to go around the problem. As I pulled abreast of the lead stationary car another car appeared from the far right wanting to turn into my path but I was not to be deterred. My windows were down and I said something like “Idiots!” as I made my way around them and into my left hand turn to go up the next ramp. As I did so a woman walking down the ramp looked at me and said very loudly “Really?” to which I responded even more loudly “Really shut up!”

Now I know I was wrong to yell out as I did and that nobody in front of me was doing anything with malicious intent towards me (other than the idiot lady walking) however I have to say, it felt really good when I said it. Call me what you will but I gained a small bit of pleasure responding to her even while knowing that nothing I said either way would make her think twice about vocalizing her thoughts in the future to random strangers. Society is at a point right now where too many people think that just because they have a thought they need to share it with anyone around them as if their opinion matters to the public at large. They are wrong, very wrong.

For far too long these people have gotten away with voicing their opinions about every little mundane thing in the world whether it is vocalized or typed onto a message board or as a comment on a blog/story with no thought whatsoever as to what repercussions may come from their actions. These people will cut you off in traffic and then have the audacity to flip you off if you react in any way. Basically put they are getting away with rude, childish behavior that they would never attempt face to face with a living, breathing person who they thought even for an instant might give them a smack in the face for being so impudent. They belong to the faction of cowards who hide behind their anonymity.

The only solution is to call them on their actions whenever they see fit to burst out in their stupidity. Of course if you do so online then you run the risk of feeding the trolls who want nothing more than somebody to reply to them. That way they can continue their nonsensical attacks. That way in their minds they seem to matter and have a purpose in life. Perhaps as you read this you may make the mistake of thinking that I am doing exactly what I am complaining about. I would caution you however that I see it as making them accountable for their actions and that it is necessary to turn this world of cry-baby douchebags into a better place. One where you know that there will be consequences when you decide to act out and thereby expose your rudeness for all to see and hear.

Call me what you will, I’ve probably been called worse and at some point in my life will probably be called even worse. I don’t really care. After all, this is the place I go to spew forth my opinions and you don’t really have to read it (although I thank you if you do) because ultimately none of us are perfect least of all me. The thing is, I don’t claim to be in the first place nor do I believe that my opinion is any more important than anybody else’s. Well, except for that stupid lady that was walking down the ramp that is. Clearly I’m much smarter than she is. At least I’m aware of my shortcomings and try to fix them, this situation notwithstanding.

Written and Published by Don Leach. May not be used without permission from the author.

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