Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Episode 15 Of Ten For Tuesday Is Ready

It took a month but Episode 15 of my podcast Ten For Tuesday has finally been uploaded. It really is a continuation of Episode 14, when I selected the songs I had about seven or eight left over and I really didn't want to leave them out so after a little digging I found a few more songs and it was decided. Life as always intervenes but also I've been busy with my other podcast notmovingpictures. As a matter of fact I've just recorded three episodes of that one in the past five days. Be of good So jump in the time machine with me and remember what it was like to rock out in the early 90s.

Biohazard - Punishment
Rollins Band - Starve
Testament - Practice What You Preach
Prong - Snap Your Finger, Snap Your Neck
Rage Against The Machine - Testify
Butthole Surfers - Who Was In My Room Last Night
L7 - Pretend That We're Dead
Sponge - Rotting Pinata
Alice In Chains - Would
Paw - Jessie

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Monday, September 24, 2012

notmovingpictures Does MMA, New Podcast Is Up

Right on the heels of episode nine comes episode number ten, recorded this past Saturday at my friend Eric’s house. Along with our other friend Tommy (nope, different Tommy, this one has fought MMA before) we had convened there to watch UFC 152 and talk MMA. We had a spirited talk about Jon Jones, Dana White and the cancellation of UFC 151 and who really was at fault. There was discussion about local MMA, the Ultimate Performance Center where Tommy works and trains, grappling, and more. We also picked who we thought would win on the main card fights and afterwards came back to see who picked best. Want to find out who had the sharpest mind for picking the winners? Then listen and wisdom will be granted you.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

notmovingpictures Episode 9: Don Goes Solo Again And Rants

True to form it’s been several days since I uploaded the latest edition of the notmovingpictures podcast and I’m just now getting around to writing about it here. What can I say? Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you would like them to. In episode 9 I went solo again since Tommy had shoulder surgery and there were things on my mind I just couldn’t wait to get out. The one thing that propelled me forward to do the show immediately was when I went to pick my son up from school. The parking lot has an entrance and then you have to go in a U shape to get to the exit. A truck was partially blocking the exit and an SUV was sitting in the street blowing it’s horn repeatedly. This lady roars in through the exit and then has the nerve to yell at the driver of the truck about how it’s not a parking spot. I couldn’t hold my tongue at this point so I yelled out that it was an exit not an entrance. It took several times before I swear she looked over but I don’t think she could tell where it had come from.

For some reason I got wound up over this. Some people are just pure idiots who think the world revolves around them and although they don’t have to follow the rules everybody else does, especially when it makes their life inconvenient. Idiots. I also talked about jury duty and how I believe the people who try and get out of it without a valid reason are part of them problem with this country. Their mentality kind of mirrors that of the lady driving the SUV. I also delved into the controversy over the Muslim unrest of the horribly done anti-Muslim movie. I’m not going to say the name of it because that would only give the makers of that piece of garbage even more attention. Really if you’re a Muslim you shouldn’t be upset over it because of how laughable it is. The production on it is so bad you might as well say there was none.

Lastly I talked about how two Russian scientists who are self described UFO experts have predicted that a cataclysmic earthquake the like of which has never been experienced in our recorded time would hit Lima, Peru yesterday. It would be the so strong that it was felt in parts of the United States and would be the first in a series of three that would ravage the world. Many Peruvians were feeling anxiety over this news. Once again it was much ado about nothing. There was no earthquake which is no surprise. The thing that should have alerted everybody that this was so preposterous was that they stated they gained their knowledge from decoding information left in places like Machu Picchu by aliens thousands of years ago. It seems that false prophets are everywhere these days. That wraps it up. If you feel the need go to and check out this or any of the other episodes. If you do let me know what you think, so feedback would be nice. Until next time, take it easy and don’t sweat the stuff idiots say. Life goes much better that way.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jury Duty Is Over, Now Get Back To Work!

Now that my first ever jury duty is finished without actually being chosen to sit on a jury it’s time for my final reflections. Twice my name was called to be in the voir dire and twice my presence was not required. After the second time the judge excused those of us not selected from further service for the week and just like that, after three days my jury duty experience was over. I answered all of the questions put forth honestly and didn’t hold back which is probably why they didn’t want me. Unlike many others, during my service I made little effort in interacting with my fellow jurors, as is my nature. It’s not as if I hate people or anything, I’m just slow to feel comfortable around strangers and usually I prefer my own company. I’m not sure if that sounds arrogant but this was time that I was able to indulge myself reading and writing. Kind of an extended “me” time, which if you’ve ever been married or had a kid, you know can be in short supply. If only I’d have remembered my headphones I would have been watching movies to while away the time as well.

For some reason many people just didn’t understand the simple rules set forth. Either that or they felt they didn’t apply to them. First we were told during a jury pull (when potential jurors are chosen to participate in the voir dire) to remain seated unless our name was called. If your name was called then you were to sound off with in any way you liked, so long as it could be heard. That way it was clear that you were on your way over to the front to be taken upstairs. Both of those rules were constantly ignored. People were up and moving around, going to the bathroom or throwing away trash, none of which are things that cannot wait for a few minutes. Some answered very softly in a big room full of walls set at angles, filled by several hundred people. Some didn’t answer at all, seemingly sure that by their movement it should be known they were on their way. Two simple rules that couldn’t be followed. I didn’t understand it at all. Some people just think that the rules don’t apply to them no matter where they are.

Choices of clothing were an interesting thing to notice for me. There were several people who wore their work uniform the first day but abandoned it after that. One younger person wore long, baggy shorts and flip flops. On the other side of it many people were very well dressed, you could almost say they were wearing their Sunday best. I myself dressed on the lower end of the business casual scale. There are only extremely rare occasions where you can find me in a dress shirt and tie and even rarer ones that I would wear a suit, my wedding being one of those. As a matter of fact I don’t even care for wearing a dress shirt period. Mainly I dressed as I would at my job except for Wednesday when I wore jeans. Part of me wondered if those that wore their work uniforms were doing so in an effort to get dismissed from further duty. I further wondered if others dressed down in an effort not to be picked for a jury. In the end I don’t really know if that was what they intended. I’m not trying to say who was right or wrong in the clothes that they wore (other than the shorts and flip flops), I’m just making observations here. You are to free to wear what you want when you report for jury duty, just don’t be surprised if the judge calls you on it.

Lastly, as each day went by you realized what a long, boring process this could be. There was a lot of waiting in the jury room where we were supposed to remain and nobody else was allowed to enter. Unless you count that one lady was there with her boyfriend/husband and tried to spend the entire day with him. She was caught in the jury room and told to leave so they both sat on a bench right outside the door. Later she tried coming back in to use the restroom but she was rebuffed. What surprised me was once you knew just had tedious it could be, some people didn’t bring a book, an electronic device or anything else for that matter. I brought a book and my laptop and used both extensively. I can’t imagine coming in every day with nothing to occupy my time, it would make the day seem interminable. To each his own I guess.

There were many different kinds of people from a wide age range and from all walks of life. I’m sure there were many interesting people with stories to tell but I didn’t hear any of them. There were one or two that I was thinking of asking some questions of if I’d come back today or tomorrow but it was not to be. Like life the trials will go on, some people will share and some like me will keep to themselves, making observations and enjoying their solitude in a room full of people. For me, jury duty is no longer in session.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Ever Been Called For Jury Duty?

I'm halfway through my first day of jury duty and I thought I'd share my thoughts so far. While I'm not extremely familiar with downtown Tulsa normally I can find my way without too much trouble. Not today though. The street I wanted to turn down was closed for construction which led to a lengthy detour and as a result I wasn't too sure of where I was. In the end I parked (illegally) at DHS and had to hoof it back over there on break so that I could park in the correct place.

Checking in took a long time as there seemed to be at least two hundred people here, if not more. We were given instructions about the process and then people were chosen for three groups to go upstairs (we're down in the basement, just like at work) for the voir dire. That's where you are questioned and either chosen for the jury or returned to the bowels of the building to await another potential selection. At some point if not chosen and there are no more juries to be selected for the day we may be released. Basically just like the Army it's a lot of waiting.

Good points so far:

We were sent to lunch early and actually had an hour and thirty five minutes which is thirty five more than I get total for the night at work.

I was able to eat my lunch outside in the open air where the sky was blue and the temperature wasn't too bad. Well, maybe if you're walking it seems hot but not when you're sitting in the shade. Thankfully it's not as hot as it's been in recent weeks and the forecast (for what that's worth) doesn't call for a return to triple digits.

If it does get too hot while on break the wonderfully sweet air conditioning at the Central Library is waiting right across the plaza. The walk is so short you won't even break into a sweat.

I don't have to pay for parking which can really add up in downtown Tulsa and that's money I don't have to spend.

My employer pays me to be on jury duty and I don't have to use vacation time. Bonus!

I get to spend time writing (like I am right now) and reading without being constantly bombarded with questions. So while it's not exactly a vacation it is a vacation from work.

Bad points so far:

I have to get up really early in the morning to get ready, get my son ready for school and then make it here in traffic on time. I've never been mistaken for a morning person and it's a bit rough for me to be up so early.

There is a lot of waiting. After a while even writing and reading can get boring. Perhaps I'll be able to doze off for a bit and get a little rest.

That's it so far. Time will tell if I am to be chosen or if I sit here in the lower level, rejected by all suitors. Sounds like the story of my life.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Taking The Family To The Zoo

My wife and I had plans to spend this Labor Day together as a family. One of her friends had invited us to an outing that her church was having at their church camp which required about a forty minute drive from Tulsa. The church was supposed to be having a free cookout and had buses that would transport everyone there. Once we got up this morning I had her call her friend and it was discovered that in actuality the food and drinks would cost an unknown sum. Her friend and her family had gotten up late so they were going to drive there and then leave at about two o'clock. The bus however wouldn't be returning until five PM.

Faced with this news and the idea of spending all that time in the heat, most of it with people we didn't know, coupled with fact that we didn't know how much the food would cost or what activities would be available, we made the only sensible decision we could and elected not to go. Instead we chose to go to the Tulsa Zoo which would cost us far less since we have a family membership there. That means no entrance fee to Mohawk Park and the zoo. We did have to pay for tickets to ride the train (a must after tromping around for several hours in the heat) and a small fee for the merry go round that my son just had to ride. I couldn't deny him this tiny extravagance.

Since we had brought our own water we were not subject to the price gouging that is called buying drinks at the zoo.  The main drawbacks for this visit were that there were quite a few exhibits that were empty and more that had different animals than the ones listed on the signs. Oh and the heat. Did I mention how hot it was? It seemed as if were at least a hundred degrees which was what was in the weather forecast. It turns out that it was one hundred and four degrees in Tulsa today. Honestly there are fewer things I dread more than spending a lot of time marching around in this kind of heat. It's not my idea of fun. Still, the idea was to spend time together as a family, something that has been dreadfully overdue before this summer.

So instead of spending a lot of hours (not to mention an unknown quantity of money) in the heat and company of (mostly) strangers, we traded that for spending a few hours (and dollars) less in the heat with a lot of strangers. At least at the zoo though we were free to go where we wished at our leisure and interact as we saw fit. Personally I don't really care much for the zoo. I think it's sad that these animals are held captive in a usually too small enclosure just for our enjoyment. I'd hate to live a life with that kind of boredom, although some might say that I had already done that in my period of near hermetic seclusion after the failure of my first marriage.

But this is the way things are in the world and the idea was to spend some quality time with the family which was accomplished. The best I can try to do is to educate my son about animals and expose him to other cultures and countries. That way he can make up his mind and think for himself down the road. Right now he just enjoys seeing new things and learning as much as he can. That's the number one thing I can try and instill in him. If I do my job right and am lucky he'll turn out to be a pretty good guy which is the most I can do. I think I'm on the right path. I just pray I can stay there.

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