Sunday, October 12, 2008

Night Ranger @ The Tulsa State Fair October 1, 2008

Night Ranger played at the Tulsa State Fair on Wednesday October 1st. Having never seen Night Ranger play live before I was quite happy to see this show. They sounded great and didn't miss a beat with new guitarist Joel Hoekstra and keyboardist Christian Cullen. The show only lasted about an hour but they nailed just about everything, even a song from their album "Hole In The Sun" that was released earlier this year. The surprise of the night was a cover of AC/DC's "Highway To Hell" to start off their encore which was followed by "Sister Christian" and finished with "(You Can Still) Rock In America. In all they played all of their major hits and most well known songs and it was a great night of music. Now I can finally mark them off of my wish list for groups I've never seen. And just who is on that list? Well, that's another list for another time.

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