Tuesday, November 4, 2008

2008 Presidential Election

Election 2008

Whichever way you look at it history will be made in this year’s presidential election. For the first time ever either a black man will be elected president or a female will be elected vice-president. Unfortunately it won’t make much difference whether a democrat or a republican wins the presidential race. Let’s face it, they always trumpet their political and social differences and broadcast them for all to see however once elected all of that gets thrown out the window and it all becomes about trying to stay in office. Their promises are empty and offer only an illusion of making the slightest bit of difference or change.

That’s right; the whole thing is a grand illusion. It doesn’t matter who wins because nothing will change for those that really elect the president. We don’t do that. We can only choose between the lesser of two evils that we are offered. The best, most qualified person for the job will never get within sniffing distance of being elected because they can’t be controlled. To be elected president you have to answer to so many money people who really run things behind the scenes. Basically you have to sell out on a major scale and lie to yourself that at least you’ll be able to do a few good things while in office.

Why do you think we have a two party system? Simply put because it’s much easier to control everything that way. Once you start adding the variables of three, four or more parties that have legitimate chances of winning it gets much harder to control and influence. The powers that be have fought so very hard against allowing a third party candidate to even get invited to the debates. The last time that happened they had to resort to having him labeled as a loon in order to discredit him. Both parties will even tell you that if you vote for a third party you are throwing your vote away. So by voting your conscience for the person you feel is right for the job it’s considered throwing your vote away? Why would they say this? Because if you vote for a third party you will hurt their control, their illusion of power. Ultimately if more people would vote their conscience and take votes away from them perhaps it would force them to make some real changes and actually do some of things they promise in their campaigns.

The last thing I want to say is that if you vote for Palin because it so important to have a woman as vice president or if you vote for Obama because you feel it is equally important to have a black man as president then you need to be slapped in the face and lose your right to vote. The only reason to vote should be to give the best person this incredibly important job. But that’s not the way it works so I guess we’ll find out soon which way history will be made. Let’s see how many more controversies will come about. At least this year neither McCain nor Obama has a relative governing a state so we know that eliminates the specter of the last election rearing its ugly head (although you can never say never) but I’m sure something else will pop up.

After saying all of that does it mean I’m so discouraged that I won’t even vote? Not on your life! I’ll be there “throwing” my vote away or as I see it voting the way I see fit. See you there.

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