Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Should Kid Rock Get To Choose His Punishment?

Kid Rock has something he wants to get off his chest. You see he and others got into a fight at a Waffle House and he got arrested. He was given community service and he petitioned the judge that his punishment should be for him to put on shows for troops overseas. That sounds great, right? Give the troops a little entertainment, shake a few hands and sign some autographs then everybody is happy. Except for the judge that is. The judge said no to Kid Rock's request. Kid Rock is so angered by this seemingly Un-American gesture that he's letting everybody know about it. He's posted about it on his website and is getting lots of free press over this situation. He actually has the temerity to suggest that the judge is against our troops who are serving their country and risking it all for our freedom (even though freedom is an illusion but I digress). Of course all those fans who are members on his website are rallying to his side with their usual misinformed garbage comments fully supporting him.

The only problem is that Kid Rock is leaving out a few important details. First is that he has done these shows for the troops before and has every intention of doing them again. He is to be commended for that. It's good to see people supporting the soldiers. However this does appear to make his motives a little suspect. Second is that before the judge made his decision Kid did a benefit at a local Waffle House and raised money for charity. That's good right? Except for the fact that he appears to have done this to influence the judge. Basically Kid Rock wants to pick his punishment and wants it to be something he would have done anyway. Where exactly is the justice in this? Where is the lesson for Kid Rock and anybody who listens to his music? The only lesson I see is do whatever you want and when you get in trouble you get to do what you do for a living. Wow, what a hard lesson to learn from. Go play music for soldiers and have them heap adulation on you so that your head can swell a little larger.

Here's a thought. What if you or I, the "regular" people had the same thing happen to us? Would we be able to pick and choose our punishment? I'm talking about the bus drivers, the teachers, the clerks and the other anonymous masses. For some reason I think the judge would tell us what our punishment would be and it would be punishment. We would have to sacrifice money and time, time away from our families in order to have justice be served. There would be no comfortable airline flights, no praise and glory wherever we go. We would not be catered to, our every wish fulfilled immediately. If Kid Rock were to have his way there would be nothing to make him learn a lesson and act like a responsible adult instead of getting into fights at 5 am in all night diners. He'd just buy his way out of it again by doing his job, what he makes a living doing.

If you can't tell by now I fully support the judges decision and commend him for it. Kid Rock needs to get off his high horse and get over himself. He did the crime so now he must do the punishment and stop whining because he can't choose what it will be. He does a disservice to himself and all those who truly have learned their lessons in life and strive never to repeat their past mistakes. We can no longer passively support the privileged few and let them have their way. I for one hope to see him picking up trash on the side of the road or some other such activity. Then he would earn my respect. But hey, it's only my opinion, what do I know? I'm only a veteran of the first Gulf War.

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