Friday, February 26, 2010

Devo have a new song out

Okay, apparently Devo played at the Winter Olympics a few days ago (I haven't paid much attention to the Olympics so I missed it) and played their new song "Fresh" and then made it available to download for free for a limited time. Of course now plenty of other sites have put the mp3 up as well so it's available if you look around. Personally I think it sounds very good although when it started I wasn't so sure but a little bit in a knew it was a keeper. You can stream it at or search for it but since someone else put it up on youtube why don't I just embed it for you?

Devo is one of the top bands/artists on my never before seen concert wish list so perhaps I can eliminate them from the list if they tour this summer to support their new cd that comes out in May. One can only hope and pray that they'll be somewhere close by.

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