Friday, October 22, 2010

Clip Of The Cars New Song Blue Tip

The Cars have posted this video on their Facebook page of a clip of their new song "Blue Tip." The band has finally confirmed that they are recording new music and will be planning a tour as well. It was reported earlier in the year that this would be so but other than posting a picture of themselves in a recording studio they had done nothing else to affirm the news until now. For me this is great news as I was never able to see the band back in the day and I do enjoy their music a great deal. Many people have commented about how they saw The Cars in concert in their heyday and that it was boring as they just basically stood still and played their songs. I however don't care if they jump around and have a ton of pyro or anything like that. Personally all I care about is the music so all that ancillary stuff doesn't matter to me. So here's hoping that they will tour somewhere reasonably close to me so that I can knock The Cars off of my concert wish list.

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