Friday, December 10, 2010

New Music From The Cars and Duran Duran

I've been away for awhile but am now back thanks to a bonus check from my job and plenty of overtime. How does that help you say? Wouldn't that actually take more time away from me? Not since the extra money and a great deal allowed me to purchase a new laptop. That makes it a bit clearer doesn't it?

So anyway here I am on break at work typing madly away hoping to finish this quickly but I have to talk briefly about some new music news. The Cars have released a second clip of a song that will be on their new future album that we do not know the name of. Suffice to say I am extremely excited to be hearing this new music from them. The Cars are one of the top bands/artists on my concert wish list that I never got to see play live. So if they decide to follow up the album with a tour I will do whatever I have to in order to see them live. Here's the clip from their new song "Sad Song."

And now for another 80s band that is going to put out new music comes the song "All You Need Is Now." Duran Duran continues to plug away and is also planning a new release for next year. Once the chorus kicks in it sounds very much like classic Duran Duran. Overall I like a few Duran Duran songs but love a bunch of The Cars songs so they are my preferred band at this moment. Anyway, here's the DD song:

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Anonymous said...

All You Need is Now -9/10
Blame the Machines - 9/10
Being Followed - 8/10
Leave a Light On - 10/10
Safe - 10/10
Girl Panic - 10/10
The Man Who Stole a Leopard - 10/10
Runway Runaway - 9/10
Before the Rain - 9/10
Mediterranea - 10/10

It's the Fab Five back to the top!!!!