Friday, February 25, 2011

Family Can Be A Strange Thing

Growing up my family was never particularly close. We just weren't an affectionate family. We never hugged or kissed each other nor did we say "I love you." Now that we're older we do hug and say "I love you" however I only talk to my mother and older sister about once a week or so. I couldn't even tell you when the last time I spoke with my younger sister was but that's for different reasons. In this case it's her choice to keep away from the family no matter how much it hurts the rest of us. I can't really explain it, only she can. She's never even met my wife and son but that's for her to deal with, I only think of it occasionally now.

My wife talks to her mother who lives in Pennsylvania just about every day and then to her brother Gary every so often. Since he's in Peru it makes it a bit harder but hopefully soon we can make it easier once we switch our phone service to a different provider and she can get a plan to call to Peru as much as she wants. I don't get to talk to her brother much but we've got a lot in common, the least of which is our admiration for most things Star Wars. Plus our son adored him when we were able to go for a visit two years ago. He also writes a blog and if you want to check it out just go here. It will behoove you to speak Spanish although it's not necessarily required. After all, I don't hablo very much (which is a shame) but all I have to do is copy his text and go to a translation program like the one Google has. Sure, it loses a little something in the translation but I can get his point pretty easily.

We're both doing our writing thing although in different ways. I'm finally starting to work on my script ideas and he's working on a novel. In fact, I can't wait for him to finish it so that I can read it. Perhaps that will be a good reason for me to finally get serious about learning Spanish. I know that if we were ever to move to Peru I would have a good friend and confidant in him, someone that I could discuss ideas with and get sound advice from. I guess the best thing I can say is that I respect him as a writer and a person. That's about the highest praise I can give anyone.

I must add that the idea of moving to Peru does appeal to me but I'd have to find a way to do it financially. It doesn't cost as much to have a nice living there as it does here but I'd have to be able to come back to the U.S. at least two to three times a year to visit friends and family. There are many beautiful and wonderful things to see and do in Peru however one must also keep in mind the dangers that are there as well. Still, as long as you understand that Peru is it's own country with it's own traditions and ways of doing things and not attempt to judge it by the standards of where you live then you really can experience it completely. The U.S. is the U.S. Peru is Peru. Learn to understand that and life can be pretty sweet.

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