Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Conflicted State Of Mind

This is something I wrote a few months back and haven't really edited since, until typing it here tonight but I thought I'd put it up. I think there's something there if I can get the time to think about it but really if I can sit down with Tommy I know we can turn it into something good. But then time is elusive isn't it?

How am I supposed to feel
when a man is killed
should I shout and cheer
because he was evil
how should i react to the news
the bringer of death is dead
should i fly a flag on high
stand in the rain fist raised

according to you God loves us more
we're on his side and he protects
according to you we've got the right
to do as we please where we please
according to you our God rules supreme
and sets us on a pedestal

you tell me that God takes sides
thank God he's on ours then
but if his hand touched them
why didn't he save the towers
what makes one life worth more
than a thousand others
does he pick and choose who
or let us do for ourselves

it can't be both so
is my God the same as yours?

Published by Don Leach

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Anonymous said...

Good, now that September 11 is coming, good reflexion.