Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Podcast Episodes Are Ready

A new episode of the notmovingpictures podcast has been up since yesterday and can be found at www.notmovingpictures.podomatic.com. In a very brief episode 3 we talk about my wife's surgery (which was upcoming when the episode was recorded as well as the state of playing original music in Tulsa and finally whether the pursuit of money is evil. Yes I know it's an odd grouping of topics but it's what we felt like talking about so there you go.

Additionally a new episode of Ten For Tuesday is now up, after all, today is Tuesday. For that one go to www.tenfortuesday.podomatic.com and hear the following music:

Everybody Out! - Intro/Wide Awake
Social Distortion - I Was Wrong
Bad Religion - Cyanide
Alloy - Live To See The Day
Fugazi -Waiting Room
Arsenal (Peru) - Lo Adverso
Bedouin Soundclash - Mountain Top
Sublime With Rome - Lovers Rock
The Slackers - The Fried Chicken Song/Mary Mary (Live)
The Thermals - Never Listen To Me

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