Saturday, June 23, 2012

notmovingpictures Episode 6 Is Ready For Your Consumption

Episode 6 of your favorite (or co-favorite with Ten For Tuesday) podcast is now available at where Tommy is back for a conversation with Don once again. We had been working on the website for Alloy and with the help of a very good IT person we figured a lot of things out and actually got the site looking pretty good. There is now videos on there with pictures and new show dates as well as content under the Other Stuff tab like The Writer's block. All in all it was a good effort. After an interruption from my five year old son calling wondering where I was we got back into it and discussed two upcoming road trips. One to see Iron Maiden in Dallas and another to see Rush in San Antonio. Then we devolved into seeing who had seen Rush more (Tommy) and where we had seen them.

After that we dove into the deep end of a religious discussion about a church that had a toddler in front singing about "ain't no homo gonna make it to heaven." Homosexuality and religion are not easy subjects to get into but we did and I'm not sure if I actually got my point completely across. When you're trying to go into a difficult, touchy subject in a short amount of time it can be difficult to get everything out that you want to say. I personally believe that a persons religion and sexual preference are their business and it's between them and God. The bible is pretty clear on the subject but does that mean you would ostracize somebody or in the case of this church, revel and seemingly enjoy anothers perceived pain?

The church members were cheering, clapping voraciously and yelling "encore" in the video. the thing is even if you teach a young child your beliefs it doesn't mean that he won't "turn out" gay. If he is then he is and nothing you teach him at the age of 2 will change that. Change the subject matter and if you try and teach him to like your favorite football team or your favorite food or whatever it doesn't mean that it will take with him. He will grow (hopefully) learning to make up his own mind and experience life and learn who he is. Enough of my rambling, enjoy the podcast. In the near future I am planning on doing one with an old friend (Robbie if we can ever get together), more with Tommy as his band Alloy has not one, not two but three shows in July and perhaps another solo effort if I'm up to it.

Above all else remember that it's just talk and opinions, you don't have to agree with them but you should be able to listen to them without getting offended. Later.....................

Written and Published by Don Leach. May not be used without permission from the author.

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