Friday, December 11, 2015

notmovingpictures Episode 035: It Took Me Long Enough

After about a four month gap I've finally recorded another solo episode of the podcast. I keep waiting, hoping that Tommy and I can get together or that I'll find someone that I find interesting enough to do an episode with but it never seems to happen. Maybe when I see my brother-in-law again but we'll see. I actually did record an episode about two months ago but scrapped it, I just wasn't happy with how it sounded. Speaking of, while recording today my wife had something playing in the living room that she could listen to in the kitchen so that will explain the faint background noise. I also decided not to do any editing and hope that while I rambled I didn't stutter too much or pause for too long but if I did sue me.

So what did I rant about this time? Getting my zine reviewed in two magazines, one which was favorable and one which wasn't. The song that I did with my friend Aaron that you will find at the end of this episode as well as a personal dilemma (somewhat) that I am having about an upcoming event and what my attire will be as opposed to what others want. Finally I close with a little bit about a certain Republican presidential hopeful espousing fascistic and exclusionary views. You know, same old same old. Until next time, let's hope it won't be so long.

Opening Music: Alloy - Live To See The Day
Closing Music: Stationary Nomads - Conflict Registered

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