Monday, November 23, 2009

Been a long time.......

Well, I haven't done much posting at all for a myriad of reasons but it's high time I got back on the horse and started writing again. So with a (hopefully) renewed vigor here goes. Last night my friends band Rant played again at the Dragons Lair in Tulsa. What made it different this time was that there was a guy there doing a webcast of the show. Head on over to this link’s-Lair-11-21-09/ and you'll see what it was like. There were 3 bands and Rant played first and were on for over an hour. Skip ahead to about 12:20 and they start playing. The show was filled with technical difficulties (like a broken bass string if you can imagine) but they soldiered on and had fun. See if you can pick out the few cover songs that they did. The next band was screamo and nothing against them but it's just not my cup of tea. The music was good but I just can't handle those vocals. I didn't stick around for the 3rd band since I had to get up and teach Sunday School the next day but you can see for yourself what they were like. A word of warning, there is some adult language used by the singer/guitarist in his stage patter. Enjoy.

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