Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The LeRoi Brothers - Chain Of Love

I remembered this video from back in 1987 and loved it back then. The band is trying to find a club and it turns out that this kid has booked them to appear in his garage. Jimmie Vaughan and Lou Ann Barton make cameos as the mailman and the kid's mother respectively. After playing the song all the kids run away because the ice cream truck comes by. As we get older our minds can play tricks on us and for some reason I always recalled that Van Halen had a cameo at the end but somehow I have been wrong all these years because they aren't in it. Maybe I confused it with another video, who knows? Still, it's a fun video and a great song.

Band at this time:
Steve Doerr guitar and vocal
Mike Buck drums
Rick "Casper" Rawls guitar
Jackie Newhouse bass


David said...

Oh thank you! This video was shot at my house. Filmed in Austin, TX. I was 7 years old. I just remember the song name and googled "Chain of Love +80s" and this page came up first. My parents have the beta I will have to forward them this link.

Don said...

Thanks, I always liked this song from the first time that I heard it and it still holds up. It must have been cool to have the video filmed in your house. Were you one of the kids in the video?

David said...

Sure was. But only caught one sec of air time. Was the kid that dropped the blanket (sign) over the drummer. In real life, they just filmed me pulling a string after all it was shot. My brother was the kid pulling up the garage door (older).