Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Missing Rush, Flat Tires and Life Not Always Going The Way You Want

Rush played in Tulsa last night but unfortunately I wasn't there. I never got a ticket in the months leading up to the show but as the date got closer my family had a bit of bad luck and I just couldn't justify buying the ticket with the money crunch that we've found ourselves in. My wife isn't working at the moment due to an injury that she has suffered. Of course it doesn't make it any easier that her job doesn't provide very much vacation/sick time but also she saw a Physicians Assistant at the doctors office who misdiagnosed her and wasted the last 2 weeks that she could have spent getting healthier. Now we have to wait for an appointment for a MRI. The American Healthcare system does one thing well. Making you wait.

So I was helping a friend of my wife's take a few things to a sale and my left rear tire blew out at 80 miles an hour on Highway 169 (very busy) while I was in the left hand lane. It took almost 2 hours for the tow truck driver to arrive and then take me to a tire shop. Once there I determined that it would be better to replace all 4 tires as the front ones were starting to get bad as well. That was over $400 dollars that we didn't have but you have to do it. I know that eventually everything will work out for the best but man I hope that day comes soon. I did meet a guy at the tire shop who was going to see the show and saw my Rush t-shirt and we had a nice conversation about music. Yes, unlike me he was going to the show.

As for Rush, well I have seen them 6 times so it's not like I've never seen them before and they are supposed to tour again next summer so hopefully I'll see them soon. It wouldn't have been the same anyway since my best friend Tommy wasn't able to go either. He had his colon removed about 2 weeks ago and wasn't able to go. We've gone together to see them 5 of those 6 times. The only times we didn't see them together was in Oklahoma City for him around 1986 and then later there again in the 90s and for me in Stuttgart, Germany. Next year if all goes well we'll be healthy and ready financially, until then as I wait patiently here's a video:

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