Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Over My Head song lyrics

I friend came in to work last night and told me about how his recording session had gone with his brothers band. They are without a bassist and wanted him to play bass on a song. Nothing special mind you, just something basic so he agreed. Once he was done two members of the band showed up with a few other guys from another band that had broken up. They wanted him to play drums on a song that they had written and it also had some of his lyrics on it. At first he felt like they were much better musicians than he is but then he settled into the song and let himself be lost in it. As he described his experience I started getting an idea and it came out in a chorus for a song. I don't know if I'll work on the rest of the lyrics of if he wants to. Who knows, but I've learned that when the muse strikes, you better be ready for it or else you'll lose it. Anyway, here's the chorus that I came up with:

Start and stop

Here we go again

I feel like I’m in (Over my head)

It’s what I dread (Over my head)

Start and stop

Lose myself in it

I feel like I’m in (Over my head)

I cannot dread (Over my head)

Over My Head!

Really simple but if I feel it tomorrow I'll work on it some more.

Published by Don Leach

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