Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Funeral Day

Today I went to a funeral and I suppose it was as nice as a funeral can be. To be honest the reason you are there in the first place is enough to bring anybody's spirits down to the lowest levels. As I listened and watched what was going on around me I started to drift mentally and think about what would happen when I die. What would my funeral be like? Would my family know enough about me to have a service that would go along with my wishes, beliefs and more importantly my personality? There's really no way to know unless you make it clearly known and even then they may not accede to your wishes.

I've seen funerals before where I knew that the dearly departed would have absolutely hated what was taking place in their name. Lot's of long, boring speeches full of nice comments about things that the person did not believe in. People who barely knew them talking about them as if they were best friends for life or attributing characteristics to them that frankly just weren't there. That's not what I want anybody to have to go through in order to pay their last respects, assuming of course there will be anybody willing to do so.

I want my funeral to be short and sweet. Just read a list of a few accomplishments in my life like getting married, having a child, going to a war and things that interested me like writing this blog and the time I did a radio show and so on. Play songs by Alejandro Escovedo, Rush and maybe one that I wrote the lyrics for. That's it. Then my family and friends can gather and eat, listen to music, watch some videos and tell stories about me. Celebrate my life don't mourn it.

If however my wishes were to be ignored then at least do something untraditional. Have a bunch of music, food and some senseless fun for everybody before stuffing the casket in the ground. I know that for a lot of people the funeral is for those that survive, not for the one that has passed but really, I'd like my funeral to be done as if I were there having to endure it with the rest of the saps. As if I'm the one watching the clock wanting to move things along no matter whether I am living or not. Whatever you do, just don't prolong it, get it over with fast. Then everybody can get on with their day. That would make me happy, well that is if I'm able to feel anything at that point that is.

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