Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Wonders Of Getting Cursed Out At Work

There's nothing like the always excellent experience of getting cursed out by an angry would be customer which did happen to me tonight. A young fellow came in after our release department was closed and wanted records released to him and didn't want to take no for an answer. It seems that our hours of operation was inconvenient for him and his situation. You see he doesn't have a car and had to walk here and he REALLY wanted these records even though I explained to him that our release department would have to be the ones to help him, especially since there were some legal questions that would need to be satisfied.

We were standing in the hallway and it didn't take long for the F-Bombs to start flying (from him not me) and then I told him to stop right there or I'd call security. This only prompted him to flip me off and curse even louder so I stepped back into the office and told them to call security. Once that was done his girlfriend started loudly cursing at me saying that I was a pussy for calling security. There were backing away down the hallway at this point and the further they got away the louder they got. Typical. By the time security got there they were long gone, presumably laughing about how lame I was and crowing about how they had showed me.

It made me think about where we are in society for people to think that this kind of behavior is not only acceptable but encouraged. It seems that everywhere I go if you honk your horn or make a gesture in frustration you are immediately met with vitriol of the vilest nature. What makes young people today think that they can get away with this kind of attitude? For one thing growing up now there are no real repercussions for acting like a complete and total idiot. There is no fear or respect anymore that was normally instilled when you were young. If I had done something like this at the same age the least I would have gotten was a sharp smack to the chops.

Instead the streets are full of young men and women in dire need of a reality check that society says we cannot give anymore because it's not civilized. We're raising a generation of jerks who thinks that their crap don't stink and who have no fear about getting called on their lack of manners and common courtesy. I know it's not all of them but it is a large enough number to be troubling. That's okay though, because karma is a strange thing and what comes around goes around. The knowledge that someday in the near future these two jagoffs will be on the receiving end of their own tongue lashings is enough to carry me gently through the night. Not that I'm over reacting to it or anything.

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