Sunday, May 27, 2012

Finally The Year Is Here For Me

When 2012 started I informed several people that are close to me that this would be the year. What I meant by that was that this would be the year in which I would finally start working on the projects that I had been oh so impatiently waiting to begin, some for years. Thus far that has proven to be a correct statement. Thanks to a Christmas gift to myself from myself of a portable digital recorder I have been able to start not only one but two podcasts. One dedicated to music and another to talking about music, with a few other things thrown in. Just last week another piece of the puzzle was added as I was able to purchase a HD camcorder (a Sony Bloggie) thanks to my tax return. With it I can now start to bring some of my video ideas to life and I plan on starting my first project this month if all goes well.

One of my ideas is to make a documentary that will involve me hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, providing I can find the funds that is. I also need to get in some semblance of good shape in order to undertake a journey like this. I've been a coach potato for far too long. To start I need to write an outline of the direction I intend it to take, a timeline for exercising, as well as deciding what equipment, etc that would be needed to make it happen. The idea for this has been brought on because in the past year I've begun to think a lot about how I'm on the downside of life. I need to start doing the things I want to do while I can enjoy them, before I start getting much older. I mean, I'm forty-seven years old and if I wait much longer I may find that it will be too difficult physically for me and I won't get any real enjoyment out of it. Besides, who knows what the future holds, none of us are promised anything in life.

As I said, I am not exactly in great shape right now so clearly I will have to start preparing early for an excursion such as this. Even though I have lost some weight lately I could always stand to lose some more. Towards that end, as I was thinking about how much time it would take to be ready, a co-worker brought to my attention an event called the Warrior Dash which is held all over the United States and will be done in Oklahoma on June 1st. The Warrior Dash is a race over a 3.11 mile course filled with twelve obstacles. The obstacles basically consist of ways to get you wet, dirty and then muddy as you climb, jump and low crawl over and under them. Unfortunately I have something else I have to do on that day and to be brutally honest three weeks is not enough time for someone in my sad condition to prepare, even at the novice level. If only I had learned of it a few weeks earlier then I know that I would have been ready to do it.

However since I now have the knowledge of the event there is always next year. Preparing for the Warrior Dash would also be a good way to prepare for hiking the Inca Trail or vice versa, depending on finding potential funding or sponsors for the documentary. As a matter of fact, both events could be included in the same project or filmed separately. My options are very open right now. Whatever happens I now have goals that will become more defined in the coming weeks and months, all which will combine in achieving an end result of accomplishing dreams that I thought I'd never be able to do. My video projects can combine with blogging and podcasting and have an added benefit of being the impetus for helping me to get in better shape. The biggest benefit of all however may be having my son learn from my actions that he can accomplish his dreams so long as he tries with all his heart. More than money or material things that's the best gift I could ever give him.

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