Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Episodes Of Both Podcasts Are Finally Ready!!

It seems like it's been forever since I've put up any new episodes of either of my podcasts so good news is in order, both of them have new episodes ready to explode into your ears. As of late I haven't had much time to dedicate to writing or editing the podcasts, especially last week when I was on vacation. Originally I thought I'd be able to get it done but with trying to spend time with the family and all it just didn't happen. Once it was over work was crazy too. Sometimes it seems as if it would be better to not take any time off rather than clean up the mess that is waiting for me when I get back but that's just crazy talk. During my one week off I was able to de-stress quite a bit (when my wife allowed me to that is). This was my first vacation in over two years so you could say I was more than ready for it.

Before I could put up any new episodes of Ten For Tuesday I had to deal with a problem first. I was out of room on Podomatic and couldn't upload a new episode until I'd done something about it. Since I don't have the cash to upgrade to a Pro account I did the next best and cheapest thing possible. I went to the Internet Archive and set up a free account with unlimited space and started archiving the podcast there. To date I have five episodes available and in the near future will have them all. Once I get caught up I'll put all new episodes in both locations. Now the first three episodes can only be found there. As this goes on I'll be rotating out the episodes on Podomatic whenever I have a new one to post. To find them just go to and search for Ten For Tuesday, it's that easy. I'll also be moving notmovingpictures there and will host my other projects as well once I have time to start on them.

With that done I put together Episode 14 comprised of songs from some of the artists I was listening to from 1992-1995. Believe me the tracks are not indicative of everything that I listened to but comes pretty close. The artists featured are Helmet, Clutch, Life Sex and Death, Soudgarden, Jesus Lizard, Nirvana, Gruntruck, Hammerbox, Stompbox, Monster Voodoo Machine and The Screaming Trees. And yes I'm quite aware that there are eleven bands listed. To find out why you'll need to listen to the show. This episode came about because of the conversation that my guest host on notmovingpictures and I had about music from that era. I think he'll enjoy this one.

Just who was the guest host? His name is Richard Shockey and we met because our kids were in school together and they became best friends. Late in the year we found out that we had a few things in common so I finally got around to asking him to do the show. Tommy was out of town so it was a perfect fit in the schedule (I have a schedule?). If you tune in you'll hear our rambling discussion (as well as our kids in the background) on bands, local music, the Internet radio show he does (High Voltage Horror Show) with his friend Justin Edlich, my story of missing out on seeing Helmet and then finally getting to see them as well as how work and family problems can turn into good fodder for lyrics.

So there you have it, new episodes of the podcasts that you (hopefully) love to listen to. I'll do my best to get them out at a faster pace. I really want to do that but often it's a question of doing things with the family or around the house or working. I've gotta pay the bills, these things don't make any money. That's why they're done as lo-fi as they are. Of course if anyone wants to give me some free equipment in exchange for being mentioned or want to sponsor the show I'm open to suggestions so long as it's a product I can get behind. Who am I kidding? I've got to get a lot more listeners before stuff like that happens but I can dream so I'll dream big. Until the next time keep listening and reading and I'll keep putting it out there.

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