Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ten For Tuesday Episode 50: 1st Episode Of The New Year

Well, I had every intention of uploading this episode yesterday on my dinner break at work but as you can tell, that didn't happen. Then after leaving there at midnight I thought I would do it when I got home but once again, that didn't happen. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control and we just have to make the best of the situation. That leads us to today. For the time being, I am going to move to a new schedule and put these episodes out every two weeks with the idea that I may still do extra shows for events like a road trip to a concert. We'll see how that goes. Now, onto the music.

Paws - Homecoming
Alejandro Escovedo - Chelsea Hotel '78
Will Hoge - A Different Man
Grupo Fantasma - Utility Rock
The Slackers - For The Money
NO - What's Your Name
Vaadat Charigim - Haolam Avad Mizman
Bodeans - First Time
Red Dye No. 5 - Pigeon
The Dead 60s - Riot Radio

Ten For Tuesday is a podcast dedicated to playing the music I couldn’t find anywhere else. The music I like varies from style to style, genre to genre and era to era. You will hear punk, ska, rock, Americana, metal, country, rockabilly and more from all over the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s a major label or indie as long as I like it then it gets played. The motto is Less Talk More Music which means you won’t hear me waxing poetic for fifteen minutes between songs. At TFT it’s all about the music…..and me of course.

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