Wednesday, January 1, 2014

No New Ten For Tuesday Episode This Week

It may (or not) have been noticed that there was no episode of Ten For Tuesday yesterday. I had the music all ready but the only time available to record my part, put it all together and upload it would have been my dinner break. That would have had me rushing things and as I have learned from the last year when I do that the quality of what I want to say suffers. So instead of putting out an inferior product I decided to wait a week and do it right. This way I can also work on my other podcast, the woefully ignored and almost forgotten notmovingpictures. There are a couple of episodes in need of work in the worst way there.

For this new year I've decided to put out new episodes every two weeks unless the mood strikes me for something extra, such as a road trip. This way I'll be able to do more with notmovingpictures as well as working on some of my writing ideas. To that end I've signed up for an online creative writing class in the hopes that it will stimulate me, well, creatively. I have some movie scripts (really about nine or ten) that I want to work on as well as various short stories and things for the blog. We'll see what comes of it. Look for some new Sig Tau stories as well. Since it's the first day of the new year the future looks bright but I won't be wearing shades. I want my eyes wide open for what will come.

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