Sunday, December 29, 2013

A New Year Brings New Plans

2013 has been kind a down year for me at least as far as writing is concerned. The new year had ushered in with thoughts of continuing to grow as a writer and podcaster and instead ended up being a series of ideas never fully realized surrounded by a lack of productivity. Now I know I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to being objective concerning my faults and successes but I really feel that I'm being honest and not over analyzing myself. There are so many things that I could have done better and the best that I can hope for now is that I've duly learned some important lessons from my results.

Some things were from a lack of preparation. These would include not investigating and then podcasting while I was in Peru for three weeks in the Summer. That ended up being an opportunity wasted and lost, however at least now I am armed with information for the future and feel that the next time I go I will be more than ready to make my thoughts turn to reality. All was not lost though because it was a wonderful vacation and I got to spend some quality time with my wife (as well as her family) and my son. Look for more in the coming days about that vacation. The food in Peru is wonderful and I really feel that within two to three years we'll be living there. Guess that means I need to get more serious and learn to speak and read Spanish.

My truck has been having problems and they only seemed to get worse as the year moved on. Right before Thanksgiving I took it to a mechanic hoping that all would be well. I was wrong. It turns out he was the wrong mechanic because not only did the problem persist it got worse. Luckily I found another mechanic (a good one this time) and not only did he fix my truck for cheap he did it fast and right. Hopefully the days of having my wife take me to work and then pick me up so that I could take her and our son back home and then returning to work to finish out my shift are over. I can't describe the feeling of once again being able to drive my vehicle when and where I want. Perhaps it's just a mental thing but suddenly I feel free again.

With my truck fixed I now have renewed feelings of positivity and hope and my intent is to follow through in 2014. I want to follow the advice of Steven Pressfield and stop letting my inner resistance win and leave me thinking "what if." What if I had actually done something I'd dreamed up in my mixed cauldron of a brain and let it stand on it's own? Be it a success or a failure the idea is to create and let the rest sort itself out, That is my plan for the new year. I've never been the sort to make resolutions when beginning a new year but this year I sort of feel the need. It isn't necessarily something to be shared with others but that I at least can recognize myself.

So there you have it. With a feeling that anything can be done I intend to write the stories, lyrics and movie scripts that have been floating around my brain for some time. I intend to make my plans for furthering my podcasts and gaining an audience. I intend to investigate my ideas for a t-shirt company and comic books. I intend to do a lot and the only thing I have to hold me to these thoughts is this blog. For myself and anybody else who reads it. It's a lot to do and fairly bold but it can be done. The only thing left is to go and do it. Let's see how that goes this year.

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