Wednesday, December 24, 2014

At Last It All Comes Together

Clearly you can see that I haven’t been writing or podcasting much later. The long and short of it is my laptop bit the big one and is down for the count. It has a black screen and beeps seven times, pauses, then repeats ad infinitum. Until I get the time to investigate it more thoroughly or the money to fix it outright I’m having to do without.

The problem is everything that had to do with my podcasts (intro music, descriptions, list of songs played, archived episodes, etc) are on there along with a ton of music that is for now unavailable to me. Even worse is all of the pictures and videos of my family and other things that I’ve done that aren’t backed up anywhere else. Piling even more on is all the things that I’ve written such as my lyrics, spoken word, movie scripts, stories and blog stuff. As you can see this makes for a rather disconcerting time for me.

In order to do something with the time I would have otherwise spent on these endeavors I’ve been consoling myself by putting together my office/mancave. Well, really it’s just the third bedroom in our house that until recently had been occupied by a friend of my wife. She moved out (the friend not the wife) on pretty short notice and immediately I seized the opportunity and started making it over in my image.

The best thing has been that as I’ve been able to consolidate all of my music in this one place. Ever since we’ve been married my music has been spread out all over the house (and garage and truck) out of necessity. One of the pleasant by products from this gathering is I’m finding a lot of stuff that I had forgotten all about and I get to re-discover it all over again. Unfortunately I’ve also found quite a few empty cd cases for some good groups that I just cannot find the cd’s for. Time will tell but for now I’ve got some focus and a purpose and that feels pretty good to me.

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