Monday, May 11, 2015

Catching Up...............With Some Crappy Photos

There's a lot of stuff I've been meaning to post but just haven't gotten around to so I figured now is just as good a time to get it done. Here goes:
Last month I went to an in-store at Holy Mountain and saw local band Riot Waves who opened for another band.

 The other band was another local group, Lizard Police who were promoting their new 7" single. I bought it.
The end of July brought The Slackers, one of my favorite bands, to town, the first since I moved back to Oklahoma. If you've never seen them you should seriously give them a try. It got me skanking for the first time in a long time and I even knocked some guys beer out of his hand.
The Last Slice is a Tulsa ska band that opened for The Slackers AND Roddy Radiation as it turns out. I'm fairly sure I'll be seeing them again in the near future. Maybe next time I'll bring my wife and son.

Okay, so I already mentioned his name. Roddy Byers aka Radiation was the original guitarist in The Specials and if you don't know who they were then go look 'em up and then come back here. Roddy put on a great show at the new DIY punk and more little place called Boulevard Trash. It's a store too and I scored a Hex Bombs 7" before the show. Seriously, go see Roddy if he comes your way, you won't be disappointed, unless of course you're a twat.


The Scotch Bonnets opened for Roddy and were also his backing band. They were impressive enough for me to part with some cash for some of their music.

Lastly came Rush, yes a very different kind of music but still a great band nonetheless. According to the band this will be the last big tour for them. They may do some smaller ones or some individual shows but no more huge tours. With that in mind I'm going on a road trip in July to see them two more times.

That about does it, a lot more things went on like my sons birthday, some workshops at TCC and so forth but enough is enough. I'm tired and still have to get back to work.

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