Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Stationary Nomads Song - Conflict Registered

     After a minor delay I can proudly announce that my second song is now available on Bandcamp (for free). Just follow the link here to listen or download it. You could pay for it but why? The track is called Conflict Registered and once again the project name is Stationary Nomads. This time around I worked with my friend Aaron Hlusko to bring the song to life. Not only did Aaron play all of the music and program the drums, he also recorded everything and made it sound like I can sing, which is no small feat.
     Creating something feels amazing and we're already working on another track which thankfully (for you) will be more of a spoken word with music piece. It also looks like we might do a version of my first song Ladrones since I've never been happy with the drum sound on that one. Of course I've got a ton of other ideas so if anybody else can play music and wants to create something let me know, I'm up for the challenge.

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