Monday, November 2, 2015

Something To Get Excited About

November is here, my birthmonth is finally upon us. If that's not exciting enough (and it isn't) there has to be something else. I mean last year I didn't even get a happy birthday from anyone other than my wife and son until after the day was already long gone. Thankfully I don't put a lot of stock in celebrating birthdays so my feelings weren't hurt, at least not too bad.

But there is something that I do put a lot of stock in and that's Ash. As in Ash vs The Evil Dead. It's been twenty-three years since the last film, Army Of Darkness, came out and the fans have been clamoring for something more ever since. Well not that time has come and that something else is here. Ash vs The Evil Dead is a new show on Starz and it promises to make November a much groovier month. Unfortunately when I tried to embed the trailer it gives me an error message about the code so just go watch it on Youtube here.

With that awesome new also comes the promise of something else equally as awesome, potentially that is if AMC does their job right. The almost as long awaited adaptation of the comic Preacher is coming to a television near you sometime in early to mid 2016. It promises to shake religious things up if it follows the tone of the comic book. And it has one of my favorite actors in it, Joe Gilgun from This Is England amongst other things. Same thing goes for the trailer, I don't know if it's my laptop or Youtube that has the problem so just go here to watch it.

So there it is. Two things to get excited about for now and then the near future. TV just gets better and better. Well at least if you stay away from the major networks that is. Finally with the pay channels, AMC, SciFi and Netflix some really cool shows (The Walking Dead, Comic Book Men, Z Nation, Longmire) have been introduced that would have never made it onto regular tv. That's something at least.

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