Thursday, November 5, 2015

Zine Nation Has Published My Review on Cometbus And Last Supper

A while back I was on Twitter and I saw that Zine Nation was asking if anybody was interested in reviewing zines for them and I jumped at the chance. This was something that I definitely wanted to do. Since I've been getting into zines this year it only makes sense to try and review some right? After a bit of discussion about which kinds of zines I prefer (almost anything so long as the writing is good) I let it be known that Cometbus was the first zine I had read and ever since I just couldn't get enough of it.

The next question was had I read Aaron Cometbus' book of poetry, Last Supper? I had not and said it was on the list of things to be acquired. So a further question was asked about forgoing zine reviews and writing an article about Last Supper and Cometbus in general. I was immediately all in. After all, I had recently done a book review (and still owe another) for Walter Rhein and reviewing cool authors is something I'd like to do more of.

It took some time but the review is finally done and up on their website. Instead of copying it here I thought it would only make sense to just put up a link so that traffic could be directed to their site. That's kind of the point you know? So do me a favor and jump on over to Zine Nation and give it a read. While you're at it go ahead and read some other cool stuff there. If you're into the idea of reading cool stuff that is and you have to be if you're reading this, right? Stop laughing and follow the link jerk.

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