Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Some Zine reviews For Zinenation.org

A few months back the fine folks at Zine Nation sent me four zines to review and so finally I have done them and they can now be viewed on their site here. In this case I'd like the traffic to go to their website so I will not put the reviews up on the blog. Indulge me a bit and go to their site. It's kind of the point you know?

As for revealing the zines that I reviewed I can at least let you know what they were. No harm in doing that. They were Uten Ord # 3, Exscind, Simple Steps To A Life Less Shitty and I Don't Know Hot To Help You.

There you have it. Go read my reviews and you can find out more info on the zines and while you're at it you can poke around their site and find reviews done by other people who are far better at it than I, as well as interviews with people in the zine world.

Gotta go, can't let the chicken burn and the rice is almost ready.

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