Monday, January 26, 2009

AC/DC tonight in Tulsa!

AC/DC is the number one band that I have never seen on my concert wish list however with some luck from the weather that will change tonight. They are scheduled to play at the BOK Center in downtown Tulsa along with opening act The Answer in what promises to be an exciting and LOUD concert. I 've had my very over-priced tickets for months now. The weather is a little bad but by all appearances will get worse as the evening goes on. The big question is if it will rival the big ice storm from December 2007. That was a devastating storm that had the power out all over the city and parts of the state and personally at my house it was out for 6 days. It's unclear if the worst of the storm will miss us but if it doesn't hopefully nothing bad will happen until after the show. I know that sounds a bit trite but hey, I've been waiting a long time to see AC/DC and I'm almost as excited to see The Answer, a fine Irish rock band that has it's roots in 70s and 80s hard rock. The best case scenario is that the weather dunderheads get it wrong (again) and the storm is nowhere close to being as bad as they say it can be. We'll find out in a few hours either way. As for now it's time to get cleaned up and then off to the library. More on this later...................

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