Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Have you ever felt like you were Stuck In The 80s?

If you’re like me and you like knowing anything and everything about the 80s, then head over to which is the wonderful, immortal, stupendous, memory provoking home of my favorite blog and podcast, Stuck In The 80s. There you will find all things 80s. Steve Spears is the mastermind of this most enjoyable blog and Sean Daly is his co-host (and dare I say muse) for their (mostly) weekly podcast. They cover your (okay their) favorite 80s movies, music, actors, musicians, hangers on and so forth through their intrepid use of trivia and overall personal knowledge. They’ll tell you about the stuff you remember, the stuff you think you remember and the stuff you managed to block out for one reason or another. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to a podcast and heard them mention a song, musician or movie and had that little memory light bulb go off as I say out loud “Oh yeah” and then slip into flashback mode as I remember the lost treasures of my youth.
The podcast features the Mystery Movie Moment where you listen to a clip from an 80s movie and have to name the movie, as well as Name That 80s tune where you listen to a song clip from the 80s and you have to name the song and the artist. You used to be able to win fabulous gifts and prizes but now mostly you get to hear your name mentioned on the podcast, although they do keep threatening to send the winners autographed bags of Munchos. The podcast normally has the air of a great sausage hang but they do try to even it out with the occasional female guest host. Does this mean there are no male guest hosts? Don’t even dream it! While there are many great contributors both male and female I’ll go out on a limb and name Jeff in Cuba as my favorite so far. He’s got a ton of 80s knowledge, he’s in the military serving in Guantanamo Bay and he’s right because he’s Jeff In Cuba.
So head on over and hear Sean gripe about The Smiths, hear Steve get lost in thought as he thinks of The Vegas Girlfriend or hear both as they get Stuck In The 80s.

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