Tuesday, January 27, 2009

AC/DC Tulsa Jan 26th, 2009 BOK Center

As it turned out the weather was not a factor tonight for AC/DC or their fans. While the weather was not great it seems like the worst of it missed the BOK Center and in all honesty the only way the show would not have gone on is if there had been a total blackout. Then again, with as much energy as the group and crowd provided that wouldn't have been much of a problem.

It was my first time seeing AC/DC in concert and I was not disapointed. One thing that stood out to me is how much Brian Johnson enjoys singing in front of a crowd. He put on a great show and showed that while the group might be getting up there in years they still have what it takes to perform at a high level.
All of the greatest hits were played as well as about 5 tracks off of their latest cd, Black Ice. While some might complain about so many new songs being played I salute the band for doing so. Far too many bands get stuck in the rut of playing perhaps one single new song and then all of their classic hits and at the expense of new music. Often songs can grow and change over a period of time but if they are never played live there is no chance for this growth. It also guarantees that very few fans will have a chance to connect with the new music.

In somewhat of an odd happening opening act The Answer only played for about 30 minutes however with some very good stage patter from singer Cormac Neeson and some blistering guitar work they managed to win over some new fans for themselves. It's too bad they didn't play longer but it was nice to seem them and hopefully bigger and better things are in store for them.

We'll see later today just how bad the weather will get but right now it doesn't matter one bit. I've managed to remove two bands that I wanted to see from my concert wish list and more importantly the number 1 band. It was a great concert and a joy to see it with my wife Connie and my best friend Tom and his wife Laura. It also brought some memories from back in the day when Tom, Laura and I would see concerts. Well worth the extremely expensive price if you ask me.

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