Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Alejandro Escovedo at The Cain's Ballroom 8/30/2010

My wife and I were lucky enough to see Alejandro Escovedo and The Sensitive Boys this past Monday at The Cains Ballroom 2nd stage on the last night of their current tour which lasted about 3 1/2 weeks. This was my third time seeing Al and my wife's first time. We got there with enough time to get a seat and then opener Amy Cook took the stage. Right off the bat her microphone wasn't working so while it was getting fixed she came out and stood in front of the audience and did an acoustic Bob Dylan cover. Once her mike was fixed she took the stage with her band and proceeded to surprise me. I had heard some of her songs and decided that I wasn't interested but I have to say that those songs sounded so different when performed. There was some element missing that showed up live. She and her band showed that they really cared about the music they were playing.

Once Al hit the stage it was clear that it was going to be a special night. He played against guitarist David Pulkingham musically and the entire band displayed an intensity that most artists never reach. It was an amazing show! It's very unusual in today's world to see a band perform music that they pour their heart and soul into on a nightly basis. The songs were written on a very personal level and once preformed live they become living, breathing things. They change and grow constantly depending upon the mood of Al and the band. Sometime they are slower, sometimes faster, sometimes different instruments are used, whatever feels right at the time.

The wife first moved over to stand by the left side of the stage with a few other people because she couldn't stay seated once Al started playing. I joined her there and it was apparent that more and more people would be drawn to the front of the stage instead of staying in their seats. It was a wonderful opportunity to take some good pictures but unfortunately I'm having issues with my camera connecting to my computer. For now I have to use the pictures I took with my cellphone.

Al played for almost two hours and he left it all on the stage. I don't think he could have managed another song because he had already put his body and soul into every moment of every song and was more than likely emotionally drained. During the first song of the encore, a slowed down cover of Mott The Hoople's "I Wish I Was Your Mother" that was performed by Al and David the mood was so intense and personal that the lady behind me was crying. That's the kind of night it was.

It would have been nice to hear "Five Hearts Breaking" and my wife would have liked him to have played "The Ballad of the Sun and the Moon" but honestly when you have put out as much music as Al has it's hard to perform every song that every fan wants to hear. Especially since he likes to play a lot of his newer music. He played at least six songs from his latest CD, Street Songs of Love and three or four from the previous one, Real Animal. Honestly, whatever AL wants to play is fine with me, I'll listen to any and all of it.

If you ever get the opportunity I advice you to jump at the chance and go see Alejandro Escovedo in whatever form he is playing. He's well worth the money. I don't think I'll have any problem convincing the wife in the future to see him again, no matter where he's playing. He's that good.

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