Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Jolly Boys - Rehab

As I am trying to get back into the swing of things and be fully recovered from being sick I came across this video from The Jolly Boys, a mento group that originally formed in Port Antonio Jamaica all the way back in 1955. That's right, 1955. They are still based in Port Antonio and are the house band for the hotel GeeJam. A co-owner (Jon Baker) of GeeJam decided to co-produce an album of rock cover songs done in a modern mento style and it is due out sometime later this year. This particular song was done by Amy Winehouse originally. I'm not much of a fan of hers but I think this song accompanied by the video really shows a very different element than her original. The Jolly Boys have clearly lived long, eventful lives and singer Albert Minott draws upon this life to give the song it an extra, added meaning. After the album comes out they will be doing an international tour and head into uncharted waters for the band. Sometimes huge success can take a lifetime but can be worth the wait if you are worthy, and by the looks of this video The Jolly Boys certainly are.

Official Band:
Albert Minott (lead vocals)
Joseph “Powda” Bennett (vocals, maracas)
Derrick “Johnny” Henry (rumba box)
Allan Swymmer (percussion)
Egbert Watson (banjo)

Touring members:
Dale Virgo (percussion)
Donald Waugh (banjo)
Lenford “Brutus” Richards (guitar)

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