Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shiina Ringo & The Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

I just heard this song on the El Inspector podcast which strikes me as strange how such a fantastic song can take me so long to hear it. I mean it only came out in 2001. Since Shiina Ringo is Japanese and sings in her native language I guess I'll cut myself some slack. At any rate, this is a very fast ska song but oh so much more. If you carefully listen to what's going on you will probably be as amazed as I was. This first video is the original version that she did with the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and the 2nd appears to be from a concert of hers which does not have the horn section of the original playing so it is subtly different. I can't vouch for any of her other music but this song in particular just blows me away. So remember, you can find great music listening to podcasts, it's out there.

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