Saturday, March 19, 2011

The NFL Draft vs The Players Union

I hope this is the last thing I'll be posting about the NFL and their labor issues for a long time because frankly both sides are getting on my nerves. As it stands the players Union, oops sorry, they decertified Friday and are no longer a union. Instead they are a a "trade association" although everything that they do and say now really sounds like they are a union dictating their plan of action to their members. Anyway, the Union is telling college players who normally would be invited to attend the NFL rookie draft (a huge day in their lives) that they must now instead forego it and boycott anything associated with it.

So let me get this straight. A Union that no longer is, is telling prospective rookies who are not even a part of the Union (or the trade association that it has become) that they must give up the biggest day so far in their sports career? Talk about brass balls. I can understand that if you are a member already that they can tell you what to do but we're talking about young, former college players who have not yet joined the Union. How can tehy tell them to do anything? Honestly it still is a union and is doing things as a union and not a trade association. They're just hiding behind legal jargon now.

Neither side gets any sympathy from me no matter how hard they try to paint themselves as the victim. They both make obscene amounts of money and only want more no matter what else they try and say. I feel that if they keep this up all they will do is lose fans and money and in the end hurt themselves. Me, I can live with or without it already so take how I feel with a grain of salt.

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