Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Trip To The Local Discount Movie Theater

Since I'm still on vacation today I got to do something that I haven't been able to do very much since I got married. I went to the discount cinema and caught a flick. For the mere price of one dollar I was able to go to see a second run movie and I had the place to myself. It's such a good feeling not to have to worry about other people talking or answering their phones during the movie. I'm just surprised that nobody else walked in and sat right in front of me. That's usually what happens no matter how many empty seats there are.

Fortune shone brightly on me though and I even enjoyed the movie. It was an action movie called The Mechanic and although there were a few outlandish scenes overall it wasn't bad. The time flew by and even though I was tempted to stay for another movie I decided I couldn't. There were a few errands I had to run before I was to pick up my son from the babysitter.

Before I was married I used to go all the time and see several movies in a row but that's just not possible now. Normally I have to see a movie that both my wife and I want to see and if my son comes then it will have to be a movie for him and we really haven't tried to do that yet. I don't know if he could sit still long enough to watch an entire movie. At his age his attention span isn't quite developed enough for that.

So I'm left with this and I'm grateful for the time. It's a very rare occasion but one that has been greatly needed and long overdue. It's in my personality to need time to myself. I'm just not a very social person so when the opportunity comes I have to jump on it. That's all we can try to do in life because if we don't you never know when the chance will come around again.

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