Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Give In To The Dark Side And Join My Young Apprentice

The day I've been dreading has come, I finally gave in after much thought and mental anguish and went over to the dark side. No, not that "dark side" you perverts. I'm talking about something entirely different and much more insidious. That's right, last night I joined twitter. For several weeks I've debated about joining and decided I'd wait until I was actually doing something that would warrant me needing twitter such as when I eventually am able to start my podcast(s) or when I'm trying to do something with the scripts I'm working on. Then I saw that a person I admire and respect had joined so I threw away my reservations and decided to jump in.

The first person that I followed was the one responsible for pushing me over the edge, my brother-in-law Gary. My reasoning is that if it's good enough for him it's good enough for me. After that I looked up a short list that I had already compiled in case I did decide to join twitter. After that I filled in the rest of my initial choices from amongst music artists, comedians and podcasters whose work I enjoy. In the days to come I'll start following more people but mainly I want to find some interesting people with interesting and funny things to say.

Here are the people/artists in no particular order that I initially chose and it is indeed a very stellar and unique group:

theslackersband great ska (and more) band
alescovedo amazing musician and songwriter
exenecervanka vocalist from the legendary band X
joerogan comedian/podcaster/voice of the UFC
stuckinthe80s the best 80s podcast I've found
pattonoswalt funny comedian/actor/writer
BryWaltQ the guys from Tell 'Em Steve Dave podcast
ThatKevinSmith writer/director/podcaster/internet radio guru
DougBenson funny comedian
yragarevir my brother-in-law

So that's the inaugural draft class which I'm sure will go down in infamy. Today I noticed that I've already picked up two followers and I haven't even made my first tweet yet so at least I've got that going for me. Time will tell how this goes so I can only hope for the best. My true passion for writing can't be contained in so few characters but at the least maybe I can direct more traffic to this blog. It couldn't hurt. Before I forget, my twitter name is notmovingpics so get over there and follow me. Please and thank you.
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