Thursday, June 9, 2011

Road Trip To New Orleans Day One

After a long day of driving (almost 13 hours thanks to a shortcut that took longer than the directions said) we have arrived in New Orleans and are safely ensconced in our hotel room. It was difficult to say goodbye to Connie and John but we will see each other soon. Tommy, his son Chris and I are here to see Rush in concert. This is my first time ever in New Orleans so tomorrow we'll be doing the tourist type things like going to the French Quarter and seeing the sites before going to the concert. It will be nice to see Alex, Geddy and Neil for the seventh time playing some of my favorite songs ever.

On teh trip down we stopped for dinner in Shreveport and I had a beef BBQ sandwich that was pretty good. Sorry, no pictures of that but tomorrow there will be plenty of the town and the food. I'm pretty tired as I didn't get much sleep last night and none at all on the trip so I'll be cutting this short and going to bed in a few minutes. I'm ready to break out of my normal patterns and try some different kinds of food than I normally eat. Exactly what kind you ask? Check in later with me and you shall see. Manana.

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