Monday, June 20, 2011

Road Trip To New Orleans Day Four

Day Four, the last day, of our journey was upon us. We awakened, got cleaned up and readied ourselves for the final leg of the journey, our drive home. Before doing so however we had to fuel ourselves with lunch and without asking we all knew where we would be stopping, Chuys. Chuys (pronounced Chewies) is a regional chain of Tex-Mex food and we've managed to eat there every time since we found it when we've gone to Dallas for a concert because simply put the food is good as is the ambiance. Once properly fortified (and after certain peoples bowels were emptied) we departed from Dallas.

The drive was rather uneventful, full of conversation much as most of the drive had been throughout the last four days. I arrived home not to a loving family waiting to greet the returning beloved father but to an empty house. It seems my wife and son were out because they got bored and didn't know when I'd be back. Ah well, there's something to be said for quiet time too, isn't there? I missed my family during my road trip but it was good to get away with just the guys. I think that it is vital to do things like this every once in a while.

I can honestly say that during this trip I broke from my normal patterns and tried to eat things that I usually would shy away from and I came away from the experience better for it. There were good times, good music, good people and most of all good food. It's made me more open to trying different kinds of food when I get the chance to go back to Peru, hopefully next year if all goes well. Until then however I only have one question. When and where's the next road trip Tom?

Enchiladas, Rice and Beans at Chuys

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