Thursday, March 20, 2014

Not Dead Yet - New Lyrics

This one is a fairly simple concept to grasp. People put you down, look down on you like you are a lesser being but all that does is allow you to pass them by. The negativity weighs them down and provides fuel for the fire. It's about playing the cards you are dealt and being defiant to the end. How did it come to be? I was listening to the Kpunk podcast and let my mind drift, just picking up on ideas and words at random when what would become the chorus started to come together. As quick as I could I got back to my desk and started typing. Every so often I would come back and add a little or make small changes. Before long it was done. Not much more to say than that.

            Not Dead Yet

I’ve lasted longer than everyone else
Longer than I’ve a right to
Never would have guessed it
By the example I’d been given
It always seemed a downward spiral
Would be my lonely soliloquy


I’m not dead yet
No matter what you thought
No matter what you heard
No matter what you wanted
I’m not dead, not dead
Don’t write me off
I’m not dead yet

Always so willing to shine the light
Shortcomings sparkle in the glare
Tell me as time passed you by
What occupied your mind
The ne’er do well you never cared for
Surpassed the trail you blazed

               Repeat chorus

Written and Published by Don Leach. May not be used without permission from the author.

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