Thursday, March 20, 2014

Roadie For The Night

Last Saturday night I was lucky enough to roadie for my friends in the band Alloy. They haven't played out in a while so it was good for them to get out there and just do it. Unfortunately not a lot of people showed up. It was a strange night at the Venue Shrine They had been informed that there were to be three or four bands playing but it turned out that Alloy was the only one, followed by a Latin dance birthday party and then a jam session. Very odd combination indeed.

By the time Alloy finished playing there were more people there but they were mostly for the Latin party. It was a surreal image to see this rock band with a few fans in attendance and about twenty people dressed up (and not actually dancing I might add) and then the folks who were showing up for the jam session all occupying the same space.

The best part for me was just hanging out before and after with the guys (along with Tom's son Chris) and ripping on each other. Whenever we get together the jokes fly and pretty much nothing is sacred. It's what you'd call a good old fashioned sausage hang and it reminds me so much of my college days. Turned out to be a good relaxing night and a great stress releaver which was sorely needed.

More times like these are needed and less of the things that bring me stress but there's not much I can do about that. Gotta make the money to pay for everyday life, right? Sadly that is true.

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