Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday Is The Hang Out Day

Saturday is quickly becoming the hang out day for me and my son. During the week we usually only get to see each other for about half an hour in the morning each day. I get off work at midnight and get into bed two or three hours later then I'm up at 7am to get him ready for school. Afterwards I (try) to go back to sleep for a few hours. It's not easy but I do it for him. So when Saturday comes around I try and make it about him. Right now we're rolling out on our own for at least every other week and more often if we can.

I don't know if my wife quite understands it, it's not that we don't want to be around her but I think since he spends all of his time with her during the week after school he wants some special time for just us guys. Plus it's  not like we spend the entire day away from her. Just yesterday I did some yardwork first and then we boogied out of the house about 3:30pm to the primary destination, The Comic Empire. He chose a few comic books and I got The Walking Dead #20. Then we went to an electronics repair shop to see what was wrong with a Nintendo DS XL that my wife had found. She's been hitting Craigslist finding free stuff and some people were moving and left a bunch of stuff on the curb. She found the DS there along with a Playstation 2 amongst other things.

The guy there checked it out and although it partially works it would take about $75 to replace the top screen. We decided to think about it and went over to Vintage Stock to see how much the used ones go for in their store. Once that was done Walmart was next to check on getting a stylus for each of our tablets. That was a bust, you can get them online from their website for a fourth of the price that they charge on the store. That's very strange. Then we backtracked and went over to Toys R Us to see how much they charged for a new DS. Now that we were completely armed with our information (and he got a chance to play on their demo model) our bellies were rumbling so he chose McDonalds as the place to fill them. It doesn't hurt that he can play there and I can use the free wi-fi.

A few hours and a lot of play with new friends later we called my wife to have her meet us at Toys R Us to check on a karaoke machine that her mother wanted us to buy him for his birthday. While there I decided to give up on the idea of getting the DS fixed and instead bought a new 2DS. For the price it just made more sense to buy something new with a warranty that is a better product. He didn't see me so this will be a complete surprise for him. My wife wasn't so sure but he is like me and his uncle Gary, we love our electronic toys. The night still wasn't over though. Next up was Target where my wife wanted to check on some new jeans for our son and her as well. We found a pair for him, he's growing so much that none of his fit him anymore.

I also looked at the stylus they had but found the situation was the same as I had found earlier at Walmart. Speaking of Walmart, you guessed it, my wife wanted to go there next for a few things so back we went to the same store we'd visited earlier. Eventually I got her to leave as the night was getting quite late and we made our way home where I was sure I was going to be staying. I got our son a bath and changed myself to get ready for bed only to find that we were out of milk which we would be needing in the morning. Yeah, back on came the clothes and back to Walmart (a different one this time) I went. It was over as fast as I could make it because now it was after midnight.

I made it home but not into bed for a little bit. It was a very busy day spent running from place to place and then back to the same places but finally it was over. I was exhausted. Sleep was now to be mine. Who knows what we'll do on our next hang out day, maybe some hiking or even a movie. I just hope it won't be as much running around. So what do you do on your hang out days?

Written and Published by Don Leach. May not be used without permission from the author.

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