Monday, July 7, 2014

Video Of Betty Soo and Alejandro Escovedo @ The Vanguard, Tulsa, OK 6/11/14

Since I've been going on and on about seeing Alejandro Escovedo (accompanied by Susan Voelz) and Betty Soo last month here in Tulsa I thought I may as well throw up the little bit of video that I took that night. Yeah, I know this isn't professionally done but that's not the point.

First up is Betty Soo singing Blackwing Butterfly and she is just amazing, what a voice.

Then I took this of Alejandro Escovedo singing one of his older songs, By Eleven.

And lastly here is one of Alejandro's more recent songs, Chelsea Hotel '78 from his album Real Animal. Unfortunately the audio is muffled but it's worth it for the intensity of the performance.

There you have it. It was an extremely good show featuring some fantastic music by all involved.

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