Monday, November 17, 2014

Some New Words - Land Of Lies

Sitting in church yesterday letting my mind wander (sometimes that's the best I can manage) when what should appear but an idea. That idea once written gives birth to more words than I originally realized were there. Today as I typed the result of my wandering mind and edited it as I went I now have this. Is it pretentious? Boring? Overhyped? Judge for yourself, for me it's just what I wrote and believe. Take it as such.

                                                               Land Of Lies

Surrounded by false prophets
Some well concealed
Others hiding out in the open
They've had years to practice
Daring you to open your eyes and fully acknowledge just what they are
Confident that you won't to the fullest point of arrogance
Even if you do they'll keep enough sycophants under their thrall to continue their lives of excess
They bluster and shriek their idiocy and the masses bleat out their answering call
Mesmerized by the unfounded affirmations of honor and trust
This has become a land of lies
What once was wrong is now right
The land that I, my father and his father served
For those hearing this sitting there shaking their heads in agreement
Giving a "yeah right" vote of confidence to these words
It's you I'm speaking to
Don't blindly agree because it sounds good or it's the newest trend
Think a little
Use your brain
Make a decision for yourself based on reality not on someone else's idea of correctness
Don't turn me into a false prophet
Don't make me into that which I speak against
Or do I overestimate myself and perhaps you?

Written and Published by Don Leach. May not be used without permission from the author.

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